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The Truth about Engine Tuners & Power Programmers

It’s true, tuning your stock ride is the easiest and best ways to get more power from your engine. Most are plug-n-play, providing you with an instant gain in power, performance and drivability. The gains you’ll see are heavily dependant on the number cylinders you have. 4-cylinders get the smallest gains, while V6’s and V8’s get more. And if you are running a turbo or supercharger, you stand to get the most improvements. Some turbo diesels can get triple-digit gains! Let’s take a quick look at the three most popular power programmers and compare their features.

Superchips Flashpaq

The first option is the Superchips Flashpaq, a truck-specific tuner that is easy to set up. Just plug it in, press a few buttons and your rig is all set to leave everyone else in the dust. Even snazzier, it never goes out of date, because it’s updateable by hooking it up to your PC and downloading the newest settings. But, how exactly does the Flashpaq work? This little Superchips wonder reprograms your system’s air/fuel ratio settings, remaps the transmission shift points and increases the top speed of the limiter(Can be found at Autoanything.com). Plus, it allows your truck’s gas motor to run wild on 87- or 91-octane.

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT

Our next tuner is the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT. This one works with both gas and diesel trucks (four different power levels to choose from). As well as giving you the ability to custom tune your truck’s performance, the GT Tuner features an exclusive Driving Coach setting, which tracks and displays your driving habits, relaying fuel-saving tips in real time. The display also is what makes this tuner really stand out. It has multiple color themes, which conveniently show your current, and trip, fuel economy, and other vehicle parameters. The Bully Dog also reads and enables you to erase diagnostic trouble codes, so you fully manage your dash as well as your truck’s computer. It updates and upgrades for free when you connect it to the internet.

Edge CS Evolution Programmer

Working hard to edge out the competition, the Edge CS Evolution Programmer uses analog gauge inputs instead of OBD-II installation. It has a self-adjusting full-color screen that displays alerts and records RPMs, MPHs and EGT, making it ultra-easy to keep track of your performance. You’ll feel it, too, on any one of the settings for towing, fuel saving or performance. For those times when you’re not on official crime-solving business, the CS Evolution has a fun side. It has a 0-60 monitor and quarter-mile tests with drag strip lighting. For new emission diesel trucks, it displays the status of the DPF (diesel particulate filter), too. And, regardless of whether you’re running gas or diesel, the Edge CS Evolution comes with a universal suction cup mount and Edge Accessory System.

In the end, what is the verdict? The Flashpaq is small and handy, The Triple Dog GT is sleek and well-equipped, and the CS Evolution has a quick set up and fun features. These are only three of the many great programmers out there. Other quality names include DiabloSport, Jet and Hypertech. Be sure to check out these as well, and make a decision based on all the satisfying evidence. If you happen to be driving a turbocharged import, the then COBB Accessport (found a Autoanything.com)is your best bet. It offers advanced tuning, features and functionality to unleash the beast under your hood. No matter what programmer you decide to go with, you’ll be guaranteed more smiles every time you plant your foot.