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Take a Trip to the Washington State in a Chalet RV

Spring is coming to the evergreen state. The lush rainforests, sun-bathed deserts, majestic rivers, dams, myriad of islands along the coastline, magnificent glaciers, vineyards, famous cities and towns, there is nowhere are beautiful this time of year for RV vacationers. You don’t own an RV yet? That’s not a problem. Chalet offers a wide selection of makes and models that are sure to meet the needs and preferences of prospective travelers.

The Chalet Models

The LTW is affordable and lightweight option for travelers looking for an RV that is easily towed behind smaller vehicles. There are several bed layouts. The basic floor plans will sleep three, and there is a galley model that sleeps two. The galley model includes a folding table, kitchenette, basic appliances, battery setup, amperage converter that includes a battery-charger, gas detector, and a double bed.

Included among the standard features standard on the Arrowhead RV are a small couch at one end, and a table at the other, both of which convert into beds. There are also two skylights, a kitchenette, a portable folding table, side-drawers and cabinets, an LP gas detector, water pump, and two flip up side tables. When the beds are all set-up, it will sleep 4-6 people comfortably.

Although the Takena is a bit heavier than other Chalet options (weighing in at 2,435 lbs) it is lighter than other travel trailers in its class. The aerodynamic design of the materials that comprise the wall and floor are super light composite materials that make it easier to tow. This model can be towed with mid-sized vehicles, whereas other same-class trailer would require a full-sized vehicle. The Takena includes a kitchenette with basic appliances, bathroom with shower and sink, a water heater, 15” TV, dual propane, microwave and a fan.

The Chalet Alpine has two areas that can be used as seating or dining areas and that change into beds. This RV includes a heater, fan, portable table, sink, side drawer cabinets, a water tank for fresh water, a propane tank setup, refrigerator, a two burner stove, among its other features. This is the only model that has a bunk bed option, making it a great option for RVers that be traveling with pets and/or kids and will need the extra storage space.

The Oregon Camper might be the best option for travelers that drive a rear-wheel drive pickups because it has no overhand and does not obstruct the view of vehicle mirrors. This RV provides a special blend of technology, materials, workmanship and engineering, and offers all the basic amenities of other Chalet models.

The XL Series provides more space than the other models, sleeping up to six, while simultaneously allowing enough walking space to reach all of its facilities and features. It is the largest folding RV available with solid-walls, which can be lowered or raised with the simple touch of a button.

Washington State Interests and Recreation

The evergreen state has an assortment of natural beauty and other attractions that are sure to interest visitors. For example, the Olympic National Forest and Park has a variety of hiking trails and local landmarks that are well worth the trip. Columbia River, Cowlitz River, and Lewis River are outstanding local fishing holes where trophy Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Sturgeon can be caught. There are also an incredible amount of car shows to check out, including the Early Bird Swap Meet in Puyallup, Spring Festival Car Show in Moses Lake, Wings and Wheels 2011 in East Wenatchee, and the Classy Chassis 2011 also in East Wenatchee, just to name a few.

These are a few of the fun places to go, things you can do, and RV’s you can do them in. Spring is almost here – it’s time to go out and get your Chalet RV so you can be on your way!